About Us.

Mohawk Arts is operated by many family members and people across the USA. We collect and make art dealing with ancestral Native America. From contemporary to old methods we create wearable art with superior high quality standards for Native Events, Movie Productions, and Family Heirlooms.

We collect from every corner of the United States and even the world. We have a large family collection. Our main focus is on our date set 1400s-1600s and then 1600s to 1800 Fur Trade Era to the end and vintage 1900-1970s.. And are now selling in the collections of 1970s to 2020 and 1600s to 1800s fur trade.

We make instruments. 

Old World Water Drums, Flutes, Whistles and more.

The Old Mohawk Forge

The forge is made up of an old idea we have been working on since 1980s. Our goal is to create and service high quality cutlery. We also incorporate our skills in Gold and Silver smithing.

Our Major work on preservation.

A lot of time is put into collections and preserving old art work from the past. Finding and taking the time to organize collections so they can be maintained.


Mr. Red   Erhar Onekwenhtara


Kirk Ahsoquata Artist, Music, Collector. Mohawk

Crow Misipo Artist collector. Ojibwe Anishinaabe

Megan Lonewood Artist Collector. Mohegan Tribe

Even Nights Artist Collector. Arapaho Tribe


Rocky Black Horse Owner Mohawk (RIP Dad 9-13-2020)


Akwesasne http://www.akwesasne.ca/

St. Regis Mohawk Reservation https://www.srmt-nsn.gov/



Hallmarks.  MAC , KL, RB, Flying Dutchman, 3 Feathers on a skull, 3 dots in a triangle, mohawk warrior hammering on an anvil in a diamond wearing a Gustoweh Headdress

with 3 feathers. See Images Here.