Glass Wampum

Glass Wampum

Using imported glass 'wampum' beads from the same Czechoslovakian producer of 18th century wampum, these items are hand crafted. Owned by the same family since its days as a leading manufacturer of trade beads, the Czech plant produces the glass wampum on the same machines used over 200 years ago.

Why glass instead of shell wampum? Glass is and was cheaper than
shell and as such, found a large market in the Americas allowing trade of the new 'wampum' beads to flourish. As glass wampum became readily available, more people utilized it for jewelry. By the close of the 18th century, many wampum adornments were no longer woven from shell but from the easily obtainable Czech glass. Even today, a shell wampum sash would cost several thousand dollars.

We have many different designs available. We will update this page soon with designs, images, information and pricing.

-Glass Wampum deer skin backed Neck Straps 3 row 2 ft each

-Glass Wampum Belt #1 3 Row 38 inch $345.00
-Glass Wampum Belt #2 4 Row 38 inch $476.00
-Glass Wampum Belt #3 6 Row 38 inch $745.00

-Glass Wampum Arm Bands 7 inch 3 row 18 inch deer leather straps and hold red heart beads. $82.00 Each

-Wampum Arm Bands 7 inch 4 row 18 inch straps and red heart beads hold beads. $145.00 Each Or $180.00 Pair

-Wampum Knee Bands 8 inch 4 row 22 inch straps and hold beads. $192.00 Pair.

-Wampum Round Rosette Medallion 5 inch 8 row round hand stitched. Quilled bezel $490.00