Native American Style Flute 3D designed and painted.


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Our 3D Walk about flutes are designed assembled and painted by hand. They play very well and in a style of its own with a fraction of the cost. This gives us time to create some interesting looking and playing flutes that will always have the same tone. Initially these flutes are not tuned to the European scale but create there own sound and scale in a normal A to G tone depending on the size of the flute right up to D if we created such a large flute. This is an Eastern Woodland design and can be had in wood as well. Each flute is signed and numbered. We have 1 off flutes painted buy many different artists up for sale as limited.

Flute is 10 inches aprx. long , 6 hole configuration, about A in tone and i hand painted to look like the Smithsonian eastern woodland flute on file. Has beads and a bird block. All PETG materials.

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