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originally from: Cartouche from William Faden

originally from: Cartouche from William Faden

23rd Annual Powwow JULY 13-14

Eagle Bone Replica Flutes 4 hole A#

Click to download Sheet Samples or watch how to play this flute.

Learn more and get some of our sheet music. Here

(Etsy Custom Wing Bone Flute) and the (eBay Custom Wing bone Flute)

We will be offering a place for you to learn a bit about how to play the flute in the coming months. . . Stay tuned.!

Eagle Bone Replica Whistles


Replica Claws avalible

Mesquakie  – Seattle Art Museum

We are collectors and Artists making replica art work our concept is to reenact the methods of creation in the old ways and give you the best rendition of that item the best we can.  








Replica Grizzly Claws 4inch pre drilled.

Native American Grizzly bear claw necklace

Grizzly bear claw necklace 4″ claws

Wampum Work.. 1960s, 1990’s – 2000 -2022