Bear Claw Necklace Antique beads replica


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Native American Grizzly bear claw necklace

Native American Grizzly bear claw necklace

Grizzly Bear Claw replica necklace with Antique beads

Twenty hand-made faux Plains grizzly bear claws are attached to and spaced around the red trade wool cloth core. ( faux precedents in museum collections)

Although the claws were molded with a proprietary substance and are technically identical, each claw has individual characteristics.

Five layers of color and other coatings were used to enhance the depth of each claw, to accentuate the individual claw differences,

and to create the blackened usually dirty aged underside that a real claw would have from constant contact with soil and normal usage.

The claws are spaced with antique trade beads and other antique beads. The idea is to keep as traditional and use the old methods and

materials to build the necklace so all of the thred is silk the main line thread is braded cotton with beeswax or in places we have used real deer sinew.

Replica 4 inch grizzly claws, red trade cloth, antique skunk beads,
seed beads and more. Silk thread, cotton waxed stitched, strung and made
to be expandable and reconfigured or added to. Comes with no tail.
Approximately 30 inches drop over head, can be adjusted. 
It has a good feel and is comfortable. 
If not in stock — This item can be made at request. It takes 2 weeks after
purchase to ship usually. Beads are very rare so talk to us about your design.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in